Reflection & Meditation on Our Icon

A marble entrance surrounds our icon. Two angels that are etched on the marble pillars look like newborn children. They guard the entrance, with rosaries in their hands and prayer in their hearts.

In the center we bring focus on the Holy Eucharist placed in the monstrance. It is surrounded by twelve circles, representing the twelve apostles, that bring forth twelve beams of light, the teaching of salvation to the world. In the outer sphere there are seven daggers, which represent the seven deadly sins, but are overcome by the seven gifts of the Paraclete, which surround the two hearts. One is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, with a crown of thorns and a wound shedding drops of His Precious Blood like grapes, for all shall gaze on him whom they have pierced. From a burning fire of love upon His Heart comes forth the Holy Cross. Below the cross is the Immaculate Heart of Mary with a burning fire of love for her Son, sprouting forth the lily of purity. Her heart is crowned with the sweetness of roses and pierced by a dagger, prophesied by Saint Simeon at the presentation. Look how the dagger is close to the Lamb… 

In front of the two hearts is the Holy Bible. On the left side of the book we have the Old Testament, I AM WHO AM. On the right of the book we have the New Testament, the star of Bethlehem turning into the cross and initials of Christ, and the unblemished Lamb that lies on the shroud of Turin. The left and right sides form one book.

To the left of the Bible we have the wheat and the weeds, which represent the saints and sinners in this world. To the right we have the lilies, which represent purity. 

Above it all is the Dove, the Paraclete, the Love between the Father and the Son.

Oh Lord, Our Hearts Are Restless, Until They Rest in Thee.