First Fridays for the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  1. First Fridays (read written prayers)
  2. First Fridays (watch video of prayers)
  3. America Needs Fatima explains the First Friday devotions
  4. Promises for First Friday devotion
  5. Prayers and Checklist for the 9 First Fridays
  6. EWTN Meditation, Novena, and Offering to the Sacred Heart
  7. Background of the Sacred Heart Promises

“My divine Master has made it known to me that those who labor for the salvation of souls shall be successful in their labors and shall have the art of touching the most hardened hearts, if they have a tender devotion to his Heart and if they labor to inspire everyone with it and to establish it everywhere.”
(Letter from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque to her confessor/biographer)