Music Curated by Br. Jerome Mary, MICM

A. The Day You Gave Us, Lord, Has Ended – sung by Eva Zlatkovic Ristic (Confraternity Anthem)

B.1. Holy Name Hymn – Lyrics by Archbishop William Cardinal O’Connell
2. Holy Name Hymn (Instrumental)

C.1. Dies Irae (Day of Wrath – Judgment Day) – 13th Century Hymn for All Souls’ Day
2. Dies Irae – Part 3 of Requiem Mass for the Dead – Mozart (BBC Symphony Orchestra)

D.1. Confraternity Hymn: Via Dolorosa (lyrics)
2. Confraternity Hymn: Via Dolorosa (images: The Passion of the Christ)

Confraternity Hymn (images from The Passion of the Christ)