Poetry by Sr. Anna Maria Taigi, MICM

A Child’s Spiritual Communion

Dear Blessed Mother come into my heart
to bring thy Son Jesus to me.

Jesus, my Lord, please come to Thy Mother;
she’s waiting in my heart for Thee.

I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee,
seeming to be bread and wine.

I bless Thee and thank Thee with all of my heart
for coming to me to be mine.


(based on Fatima prayers and St. Louis de Montfort’s Spiritual Communion)

God’s Humility

My Father so loved
this lonely world
that He sent Me here. 

My Mother said “Yes.”
The Spirit conceived
and I was born
for you.

I was born for you,
I died for you,
and I wait for you
in the Eucharist.

Come and see!

(See also: The Humility of God by St. Francis

Holy Orders

Chocolate cake is more delicious,
Vegetables are more nutritious,
But when it came to hosts, 
God chose bread.

Women are more beautiful,
Children are more dutiful,
But when it came to priests,
God chose men.

I would have chosen hosts of gold,
And ordered angels’ wings to hold,
But God has chosen these,
And I choose them.

Guardian Angel Prayers

Traditional prayer
Angel of God, my guardian dear, 
To whom God’s love commits us here,
Ever this day be at my side
To light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

Family Verse (for 7 billion cousins)
Ask angels of past and future loved ones:
(of fathers of fathers and sons of sons, 
of ancestors and their descendants all)
to help them to hear God’s Heavenly call. Amen.

Guidance Verse
Angel dear, if I could see 
That thou art always watching me, 
Smiling when I do what’s right, 
Frowning when I lose the fight, 
Thy holy face would be my guide 
If I could see thee by my side.  Amen.

Starry Guadalupe

In the crossing of thine arms 
I am safe from any harms. 
Fold me in thy mantle bright, 
hold me safe through starry night. 

Pray I leave my pain and sin 
till thou, Dawn, the Day begin. 
Ask the mercy of thy Sun 
on the works that I have done.


Playboys and Workmen

Why would she want a smooth playboy
when she could wait for a true workman?
A boy will play her like a toy,
a man will help her if he can.

His honest work she can respect.
A strong, kind man will earn her love.
A cruel fool she will reject
and wait for someone she dreams of.

She knows she’s not disposable.
True love is loyalty for life.
If you want to be her man
then ask if she will be your wife.

My P.A.R.T.

Oh, God omnipotent,
I thank thee for loving me. 
I repent for offending Thee. 
Please help me to please Thee.

Rise Above

In time of temptation, 
lift up your heart.
God gives you strength 
if you just do your part.

Turn from that hateful thought.
Turn to God’s love. 
In time of temptation,
just rise above!


I go to Google godly things
but some smart algorithm
weaves a snare to catch my eyes
and have its own way with them.

A database of all my searching
lists my worldly wishes.
Customized to lure my eyes,
a web of trivial issues.

Oh, may my eye be single!
Oh, may my mind be firm!
Let not my love be focused on
fool’s gold, or pride, or worm.

As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us

Think not, “How could my friend do this to me?
And now our lifelong friendship has to end.”

Think rather, “Who or what suppressed this victim?
And how can I relieve my lifelong friend?”

Yes be Yes and No Be No

When temptation pulls at you,
do you do what you should? 
Just say “No!” determinedly,
and “Yes!” to God so good. 

Say “No!” and “Yes!” and have no fear.
The tempter soon despairs,
for if he tempts a hundred times
he sparks a hundred prayers.

(based on advice from the Cure of Ars)


I am old, said Elizabeth, awe-struck,
pregnant long past the age to bear children. 
Thou art young, Virgin Mother, Immaculate. 
coming here, to my home, full of new life. 

Who am I that the mother of Man-God 
comes to me in great haste bringing new wine? 
O how blessed art thou, full of such grace!
For the Lord, Son of God, is within thee.

Let us pray for thy help to prepare us
to receive Him in clean hearts as thou didst.

Come, Madonna, to bring me to Jesus.


The Least of My Brethren

God made us in His image: 

Our human will, so free,
a living portrait of his power.

Our love so warm,
a flickering flame,
is kindled from His blazing love.

The truth we know
in concepts shining from the Word.

Our goodness, truth and beauty
are a portrait come to life,
a true self-portrait of our God.

We can warp it, hide it, 
paint it over,
splatter it with mud,
or turn the picture to the wall,
but it never disappears.

We cannot change our nature.
God made us in His image,
and the image is indelible.

The Whale

I wailed from deep within me,
from my heart, my guts, my bones.
“My God! my God!” I cried like Jesus,
“Why hast Thou forsaken me?”

And yet like Jesus still I knew
He had not left me orphaned;
He always would be with me.

I wailed my sorrow and my pain,
and yet did not despair.
“Not my will but Thine be done.”

For like Jesus, for like Jonah, 
death can only hold me for a while.

Death can only hold us for a while.
And from the belly of the whale, 
we crawl, then walk, then preach
our gratitude in death and life.

[If we love God we will be like Jonah.
We will exit each sorrow, more strong and prophetic.
We will exit our body in death, pass through Purgatory, and praise God in Heaven.
We will exit our grave, pass through the Last Judgment, and see Him forever.]

Birth and Death

  long hours of labor
  ending in pain,
  then new life comes forth
  to join us on earth.

Soul birth:
  long years of labor
  ending in pain,
  then new life comes forth
  to join God or not.